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Roommate’s boyfriend came over this weekend and man, they were having loud whale sex that, I am pretty sure, echoed through all levels of the house. Yeah I laughed and reallywanted to record them.

But what I really got from this is an au where Eren and Levi live in the same 2-story complex and Levi just so happens to capture all of Eren’s sexy moans and other nasty kinks, leaving him restless and hard all night—until that is, when he finally snaps one night and decides to confront the little incubus.

momo please, your senpais are having an important bonding session

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rin rin tree~


I just wanted to do that crossover, okay? Okay.


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Give me a kiss, heichou!

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by 莓生低谷_垂死挣扎战利艾 

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